Just miss……

Their cute reaction when got the small figure key ring.
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What would you like to do?If you sat down nearby his right side below and he was smiling down to you like this.

Just miss his smile!

Seem his BD will be special the most! hahaha

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Anonymous said: heyy! do you have any song recommendations for beginner one ok rock songs for a new fan?


Hello! UM YES. I might be a bit biased, but…ANY of their songs? :) Okay, seriously, I REALLY hope others will reblog this to add their recs, too. But I got started with The Beginning. Clock Strikes really hooks people, too. No Scared, for those who like songs a bit heavier. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer! I don’t know, it also depends if they are new to jrock as a whole, because then English lyrics might be a factor. Anyway, give those a try, and guys, add more recs/opinions, pls!

It’s difficult to select just a few songs of them to rec.Yeahh I’m a bit bias too!I could listen almost all except the only one I dislike Lujo.So you should start which one you like between JRock or west sound Rock.If the answer is JRock OOR 1-4 album suit for your taste but if you like Western Rock you should start with their latest Jinsei album.Hope it can help!

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I love his hair style!Cool!

Nowadays he can do.

May be I should monitor on IG if I want to know how about their update! Taka,Are you wearing dress?
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Their lastest pic?
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